What if ISIS Publicly Beheaded an American in the United States?

Contributed By: R. Sullivan

What if ISIS Publicly Beheaded an American in the United States?

On Thursday Australian authorities arrested at least 15 people in connection with a plot to publicly behead a random person on the streets of Sydney. What would happen in our society if ISIS were to publicly behead an American on the streets of the United States?

After a public beheading in America, a very small minority of people would carry out so-called revenge attacks on innocent Muslims and Sikhs (non-Muslims that wear turbans), while some others would view Muslims with suspicion and distrust. These acts would in turn leave some Muslims feeling alienated and could drive a small percentage of them to sympathize with the terrorists, which of course would be one of the goals of the terrorist attack. Similar types of attacks have proven to be an effective tactic for fomenting sectarian strife in Iraq, Syria, and other countries in the Middle East.
In the end, the majority of Americans would condemn all of these attacks as terrorism and although the terrorists may gain a small number of recruits and supporters, the end result would be devastating for ISIS.

Just as the attacks on 9/11 failed to achieve the aims of Al Qaeda, a public beheading by ISIS would further unite us as a nation and strengthen our resolve to destroy the so-called Islamic State.

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