Predictions for Ferguson
Contributed By: R. Sullivan

Predictions for Ferguson

Shortly after Michael Brown was killed by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson, the national media was saturated with the story. There were countless airings of Dorian Johnson's interview relaying his version of what had transpired that fateful afternoon on Saturday, August 9, 2014. The story that Johnson told was beyond horrible and would shock the conscience of any decent human being. It was so horrible and shocking that some people found it hard to believe, while others embraced the story with a religious zeal as if it were the Gospel.

Approximately one week after the shooting another version of events attributed to Officer Wilson began to be reported by the media. This version of events was not as outrageous as the story first told by Dorian Johnson, nor did it incite the same emotions, and thus it received a fraction of the airtime. CNN's coverage of events was especially shame-worthy, with numerous guests on television reciting Dorian Johnson's version of events as if they were indisputable facts with very little attempts by the hosts to clarify that the accounts were unsubstantiated.

A Grand Jury is currently reviewing the evidence and will decide whether or not to indict Officer Wilson. The Justice Department is also on the case with one investigation seeking to determine if Michael Brown's Civil Rights were violated and another investigation directed at the Ferguson Police Department as a whole.

Probable outcomes based on the current information available to the public:

-Officer Wilson will not be indicted by the Grand Jury as they will determine that the use of deadly force was justified.

-The Justice Department will not find evidence to suggest that Michael Brown's Civil Rights were violated by Officer Wilson.

-The Justice Department will find evidence of racial profiling, misconduct, and Civil Rights violations by other Ferguson Police Officers.

-The public response to Officer Wilson not being indicted will be shaped largely by the timing and results of the Justice Department's investigation into the Ferguson P.D. If the investigation goes as suggested above and is completed before the decision not to indict is made public, that may appease the community such that there will be minimal acts of violence, vandalism, or looting. If the decision not to indict occurs before the Justice Department's investigation is complete or if the Justice Department's investigation does not uncover any wrongdoing, the violence, vandalism, and looting will be much worse.

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