Nike Drops Deals with Rice and Peterson, Says Nothing About Hope Solo
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Nike Drops Deals with Rice and Peterson, Says Nothing About Hope Solo

Over the last 10 days Nike has cut ties with NFL players that have been recently caught up in legal issues. A video of Ray Rice punching his wife emerged last week and Nike was quick to end their endorsement. Adrian Peterson was charged with child abuse for spanking his son with a tree branch. Nike was swift to end their affiliation with him as well.

It seems that Nike does not want its brand associated with athletes that commit violent acts against women or children and will quickly end their relationship with anyone who does.

But wait...

In June of this year, Team USA soccer star Hope Solo, was arrested on two counts of domestic violence assault after police were called to her home where they found her half-sister and seventeen year old nephew with visible injuries. Officers determined that Solo had attacked them both and she was booked into the South King County Jail.

That was 3 months ago. Since her arrest she has not lost her endorsements from Nike or any other sponsor. Neither of her teams, the U.S. Women's Soccer Team or the Seattle Reign, has taken any actions against her whatsoever. In fact, U.S. Soccer director of communications, Neil Buethe, released this statement:

"We are aware that Hope is handling a personal situation at the moment,"


How is the assault of a woman and child a personal situation? How is what she did different than what Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy or Jonathan Dwyer have done? Why is nobody talking about Hope Solo? Why does Nike only respond to public pressure instead of having a set of standards it lives by? Why does the NFL have to take action against their players, but the U.S. Soccer Team doesn't?

It seems that there is a double standard. Is domestic violence only a crime that can be committed by a male?

Let us know your thoughts.

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